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Delivering capabilities and service to and through space can be some of the most daunting and unforgiving challenges you’ll ever encounter. They can also be extremely rewarding too. With more than three decades’ experience in satellites, ground systems and launch vehicles, we can help you achieve success as a business entering the market or an established member looking to grow.

Our expertise and experience can help you


Develop New Systems

  • Systems Engineering – employ the classic disciplines effectively for your business and product
  • Process Development – create them lean, resilient and sustainable
  • Operations Planning – for both your product and the technical side of your business

Identify and Develop Customers

  • National Security Enterprise – Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community
  • Civil Agencies – Departments, Agencies and Administrations across the Executive Branch
  • Industry Partners – Opportunities to become a Partner or Supplier

Identify and Focus Your Priorities

  • Define objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Phased (SMART)
  • Create and assess options – Brainstorming, defining, scoring and selection
  • Action Plans – Clearly defined steps with assigned responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities

Build a Strong Team and Business

  • People First / Mission Always – Nurture your people so they help you execute your mission
  • Grow Leaders and Managers – Enable success by training your key personnel how to lead their people and manage their associated work
  • Color Team Reviews – Fresh eyes reviewing your proposals identify both areas of strength and those needing improvement

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