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I’m Bob Hodgkiss, a highly-experienced Program Manager, Systems Engineer and Space Professional.  I retired from the US Air Force in 2015 after a nearly 30-year working space programs for the Air Force and National Reconnaissance Office.  I’ve worked on ground systems, satellites and launch vehicles, and my assignments included research and development, prototypes, operational systems and Pentagon Staff support.

Today I support a variety of firms ranging from start-ups to small businesses to large, publicly-traded firms.  I help them develop strategies to establish and grow their businesses, prepare for US Government source selections, identify and establish relationships with new customers,  and develop leaders.

I follow the strategic challenges the Space Community faces – spectrum demands and allocation, licensing for new systems, space debris minimization and mitigation, the role(s) for non-US suppliers in the US National Security Enterprise, increasing resiliency in space systems’ architectures and designs, and the emerging power of “New Space” competing with traditional US Government Civil and National Security programs.  I plan to use this Blog to share thoughts about these topics and other trends/issues I observe.

Thanks for visiting.  I’d appreciate your comments/suggestions.  Please feel free to bookmark the Blog and share it with your colleagues.

You can also learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/bobhodgkiss



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